About Christy

Christy is a self-taught artist and illustrator who grew up in the Midwest and is now living in Texas. She specializes in vector illustration featuring bright colors and whimsical characters. She has long been a fan of animation of all sorts, and often does tribute sketches to several of her favorite movies and directors. Christy┬áhas been drawing and writing stories for as long as she can remember, taking inspiration from Disney, Chuck Jones, Hayao Miyazaki, Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield, and a wide array of Japanese art and animation. She created the 17+ characters of BeKyoot and is currently writing and illustrating webcomics, children’s books, and creating plush toy designs and products for the online shop and convention appearances.


She streams art and illustration on and is also a Supermod on the official Adobe channel on Twitch.


Some of Christy’s present and past clients include:

  • LOCAL Magazine
  • Tiny Town Studios
  • Wookie Books